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Terms 5 & 6

Terms 5 & 6

Class 3 Curriculum Newsletter

Term 5 and 6 2017-2018


The year is flying by and Year 3 continued to work very hard during terms three and four. As they continue through terms five and six, Mrs Norman and I will continue to support the children in developing their independent learning and thinking skills.



Using a range of key fiction and non-fiction texts with some connected to our topics, Bee Mission and The Cut-throat Celts, the children will focus on play scripts, retelling fairy tales, poetry and explanation texts.



The children will continue their work on fractions; geometry – properties of shapes; measurement – time and measurement – mass and capacity.



In term 5, through a variety of practical investigations, the children will focus on Plants. Some of this work will continue in term 6. Our second topic for term 6 will be Light.


Topic (Geography and History)

The children will continue to develop their locational knowledge by identifying counties and the major cities of the UK by using Ordnance Survey maps and digital technologies. As part of their Bee Mission topic the children will focus on Kent: the land use patterns, key topographical features and physical characteristics. They will also learn to use the eight points of a compass, four and six-figure grid references, symbols and keys.

The children develop their learning from terms 1 and 2 by investigating the Celts and the changes in Britain from the Stone Age to Iron Age.


Art & Design

The key topic will be Pointillism, looking at the work of Georges Seurat.


Design and Technology

Structure: Shells



The children will continue their learning by exploring: celebrations; portraits and growing things.



Staying safe online; creating Art using 2Simple 2Paint a Picture and collecting / analysing data.



Composition: exploring soundscapes by using and creating graphic scores.



Term 5: Tennis / Dance

Term 6: Striking and Fielding



Term 5: Relationships

Term 6: Moving on



The focus for both terms will be Islamic rites of passage.