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Afternoon Challenges


Take a picture of each number and create a presentation/video- be creative, make the viewer think what the challenge was to take the photo of


Or use this list 

Take a picture of each number and create a presentation/video- be creative


Drawing Challenge- draw each thing on the list, as individual or as one big picture

Drawing Challenge


Writing Challenge- Write a paragraph or two about each question


Wordsearch created by Daisy

Design and make a 100th  Birthday Card

Mrs Cross has sent me an idea about sending a 100 Year old birthday card to the lady below- have a look at the social media message


One of our residents turns 100 years old on 25th May and due to the lockdown we aren't able to have the planned party and entertainment with her family and friends.


I was wondering if any of you could please send her a birthday card to help her celebrate this special day ?


Thank you ever so much thank you.


Her name is Muriel.


Our address is :


Gloucester House

Lansdowne Road



TN13 3XU


Here are a few things you could do;


Learn to Touch Type

I found this website as well if you fancy learning to touch type, try and follow the instructions and don't cut corners and you should improve your typing speed


Starting secondary school



One of these tasks- that some of you did last week- chose a different one


Here are some suggestions that you are free to pick and choose for an alternative afternoon

Learn the days of the week in any language but English and French

Write about your favourite memory form Stocks Green

Make a meal for your family (you might need some adult help with this)

Work out how to find the area of a circle- are design a poster about it

Learn as much as you can about Tonbridge Castle and present it in a way of your choosing

Design and create your own board game

Write a set of instructions on how to play your board game

Create an advertisement for something unusual in your house

Learn to play chess (there are plenty of online chess games you can play)

Write a poem about lock down using ABAB rhyme scheme

Garden/home treasure hunt

Create a rainbow collage by collecting coloured materials from your garden or home.

Imagine electricity just stopped, spend an afternoon that requires ZERO electricity

During lockdown nature is thriving, make a bird feeder for our little friends.

Using the skills we have learnt in One Hour of Code, create a Scratch animation.

Take 1 afternoon for yourself to do whatever you want. This can only be done once!!


Or one from this list- I pinched it from Miss Smith....SShhh, dont tell her !!!


Where has your food come from?


Have a look at the labels on 5 different types of food in your house. Where did they come from? Which place in UK or which country in the World? Which has travelled the furthest?

Make a telescope


Find a used kitchen roll tube and wrap a piece of card around it. Tape the outside cardboard roll so that it can slide. You can decorate it if you’d like.  Use your telescope to look at things really closely. What can you see through it


Tallest Tower


How can you make the tallest free standing tower from just one piece of A4 paper? You can use a pair of scissors, but no glue or tape is allowed.


Email me for further instructions

Water Music

Arrange some drinking glasses on a table. If you hit them with a pencil what sound do they make? Is each different? Now add different amounts of water to each glass. How has the sound changed? Can you compose a song to play on your water xylophone.

Imagine what your life would be like without plastic

Write a story or create a comic strip for ‘a life without plastic’. Are all plastics the same?  Do they all float


Research the Seven wonders of the world. Which of these wonders are in Europe? How did it become one of the seven wonders of the world?



Find a place in Europe could be either a city/ town or country for each letter of the alphabet.


Go to this website and find a Science experiment to do:

or this one


Take care 

Stay Safe

If you need help any time please email Mrs Newton or myself, one of us will answer as soon as we see your message