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Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated at Stocks Green School.

What is Bullying ...

Bullying is persistent behaviour that deliberately tries to cause distress to another person. This means that the bully or bullies knows that their actions / words are upsetting you and they keep on doing it because that is how they want you to feel.

Bullying is not when an unkind action happens once.

It is -

  • repetitive and persistent
  • intentionally harmful
  • involving an imbalance of power
  • causing feelings of distress, fear, loneliness or lack of confidence.

Bullying can include the following types of behaviour:

  • name calling and teasing
  • taunting
  • mocking
  • making offensive comments – verbally, by text message, by email or by social networking sites
  • malicious gossip
  • stealing
  • physical violence
  • making threats
  • coercion – making someone do something against their will
  • isolation from group activities.



Whatever form it takes, bullying is NOT acceptable.

It WILL NOT be tolerated at

Stocks Green School

So, what do you do if you or someone you know is bullied?


You must tell someone.


There is nothing wrong in this.

If you tell someone, you are not only protecting yourself, you

save other people from suffering in the same way.


Tell your class teacher or any teacher or the headteacher.

or tell a teaching assistant


DO NOT take action yourself.

The teachers will sort it out for you and the bully.


Nobody should put up with being bullied.

Bullying is wrong and hurtful.


Flow Chart to Show the Procedure for Dealing with Bullying

You report an incident

It is formally logged and investigated by the Headteacher

and / or a senior member of staff

Bullies and victims are interviewed separately and a written record taken.

We will obtain written witness information.

We will discuss the outcome of the investigation with the victim

and together look for a way forward.

We will take action to prevent further incidents.

These actions may include:

  • application of sanctions/privileges withdrawn
  • Signed Friendship contract
  • School rules reinforced
  • Behaviour monitored
  • Obtaining an apology
  • Informing parents of both victim and bully
  • Providing mentor support for both victim and bully
  • Daily or weekly meetings


We will keep a written record of the incident, investigation and outcomes. All members of staff will be informed.




If bullying continues or recurs at any time in future involving the same pupils the following actions will take place:


Discussions with all parties and parents

Bullies not allowed to go out at playtimes

Golden time and other privileges withdrawn

If bullying happens during sport lessons or matches, the bully will not be selected for teams or allowed at clubs.

Internal exclusions for fixed times


                             If bullying still persists :

 Fixed Term Exclusions

Local authority notified

Attendance on Social Development Programme

Support from School Police Liaison Officer

Behaviour Support Plan

Then if no improvement:

Attend Pupil Referral Unit

Educational Psychologist

Permanent Exclusion



Be aware that all your school records concerning behaviour are passed on to your next school.