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COVID 19 - key information

Return to school September 2021 details


If a child is tested positive during the school holidays or at weekends:

Communication is vital during the current Covid 19 situation.

Parents must contact the school immediately a positive test is received via the new specifically designated email account :

The senior leadership team will monitor emails on this account daily and any positive cases up to this date will be reported to the Kent Health Protection Team to assess whether the rest of the child’s class ‘bubble’ will need to self-isolate.

We will then inform staff and parents if a class bubble has to self-isolate. A message will be sent to parents and staff via text.

If a positive case is reported, the child’s class and staff may be asked to isolate for 14 days – this will be taken into account from the last time of contact. We also have to consider that some pupils do associate with each other outside school hours and in the school holidays, which will affect the need to isolate.

This system will remain in place henceforth for reporting Covid cases to the school. We request that parents also telephone the school office, during school hours in term time if there is a positive case.

Please note - This email address is to be used only for reporting positive cases and no other business.

If your child develops any one or all of these symptoms

  • High temperature
  • continuous cough
  • loss of or change to taste or smell 

If a pupil or staff member develops coronavirus symptoms, they will:

  • be sent home
  • be advised to self-isolate
  • need to book a test

Members of their household should also self-isolate until the individual has received their test result.

If the test is negative and they feel well enough, they may return to their school or college.

If the test is positive, they need to self isolate with all members of their household for 14 days.





Dear Parents

I am writing to you to outline some modifications we are making due to the rising incidence of COVID19 nationally. We are becoming increasingly concerned at the lack of social distancing by parents on the school site (as are several parents) and thus we need to tighten our guidelines to protect us all.

In order to reduce numbers of people on the site at the start and end of the day, we request that parents leave the site immediately after picking up their children. If you have to wait for a sibling, please keep children with you at all times - not running around the playground or field with other children. I know this is tough, but we are working very hard to keep classes separate in school – and this contravenes our efforts. We also request that parents do not linger in conversation at the school gate at any time.

All pupils will have their temperature taken on entry to school. If this is 37.8 degrees or over , they will have to go home.

In Key Stage 2 – the children line up outside their classrooms, we request that parents do not stand with the children in the line. If you need to be with your child at this time, please stand away from the line with them. We are encouraging independence with the key stage 2 children and lining up without their parents is part of this. 

In Key Stage 1, Our reception class will come into school at 9:00 . Years 1 and 2 will come in at 8:45 . Please do not arrive any earlier than 8:45 and leave when the children have gone in. Home time will remain at 3:00 for year 1 and 2. Year R will go home at 2:50

If you have a sibling in year 5/6, if they need to come to school together we suggest that you arrive at the later entry time with their younger siblings. They will not be marked late. We encourage year 5/6 to come in independently at 8:30 if that is possible.

We also request that parents consider wearing a face mask whilst on site. This is the case in many local schools and we feel that with the current increased national risk, this has become necessary here. Face masks must be worn if you come to the school office – all visitors entering the main school building beyond the lobby are now temperature tested and must wear a mask onsite.

I apologise for having to impose all these measures, but it is for the health and safety of everyone at Stocks Green.

Yours sincerely

P. Crowhurst

Mrs P Crowhurst - Headteacher


DfE Parent guidance December 2020

September return to school parent information