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Curriculum information Term 1 and 2

Year 2 Curriculum Information Term 1 & 2


In Year 2 pupils will find the structure and content of their day slightly different from that of the Year 1 class. The children will be expected to learn to be more independent in their learning. All children will be in a separate reading, writing and maths group, these groupings are flexible and may well change from term to term.

The teaching will be taking into account, children’s concentration span and will involve plenty of physical activity and educational resources.

Learning in Year 2 follows the National Curriculum for Key Stage One and, as such, children will learn about Science, Information Technology, History, Geography, Religious Education, Physical Education, Art & Design, Music, Personal, Social & Health Education and Design Technology. Children will be taught some subject specific lessons but many of these subjects will be taught as cross-curricular themes in a manner more appropriate and meaningful for younger children.

In the first term we will focus on Phase 2-5 phonics in preparation to the Phonics Screening Test which will be undertaken late in Autumn Term.

The points listed below may help to answer some of the day to day queries about life in Year 2.

School start – arrive at 8.45 am and enter the school through the door opposite pre-school. There will be always someone at the door. At the end of the day, the children will leave the classroom through the same door.

Home Contact Books - These will be checked by Ms Weller every morning, you are welcome to continue to use the books to communicate brief messages. If you have a concern or a more detailed query, it is preferable to speak to myself after school or at another mutually convenient time.

Reading books – will be changed on Mondays only. We will allocate your child three books on this day that can be read and kept at home for the whole week. Please continue returning the books each Monday.

Homework and Spelling – Homework and spellings will be set throughout the year on each Friday, to be completed the following Friday.

Spelling test – The spellings will be tested every Friday So for example, the spellings given on 10th Sept, will be tested on 17th September. The first spellings will be given on 10th September.

Handwriting – The children will continue to learn the cursive style of handwriting. We will appreciate if you can reinforce this cursive handwriting style in every writing activity at home. We can provide you the handwriting templates.

P.E. – Our PE lessons will be on Wednesdays. Please ensue your child comes to school dressed in PE kit.

Reading scheme books – All children will continue to read the scheme books at school, on a one to one basis, with myself, teaching assistants and a number of volunteer helpers. All children will continue to be given a reading scheme books to take home to further develop their reading skills. These books will be changed on Mondays.

Reading comments - Please write the title of the book and date in your Child Reading Record book. A brief comment on their reading experience is useful. Please encourage your child to share a book with you every day to ensure they progress well. Example of comprehension questions will be provided with the Reading Record, to support you with questioning in order to support your child’s reading skills.

Reading books and Library - Pupils will bring a range of picture, story, non-fiction and poetry books home to share with you. They will be able to choose a book from the Class Reading corner or from the Library. We believe it is very important to introduce children to a wide range of reading material, which, in turn, will promote confidence in pupils to try to read any text. We are keen for the children to foster a love for 'real' books through becoming familiar with different genres, interesting story structures, a range of different story language, varied plots and characters.

Expectation of a good behaviour – We expect every pupil to follow the school and classroom behavior rules. This is encouraged through praise and reward such as through team points, classroom rewards, ‘Golden Time’ on Friday afternoons, stickers, Gold Star Awards in Celebration Assemblies and Termly Head Teacher Awards. There are sanctions if our Class Rules are not obeyed which include warnings followed by missing a proportion of Golden time if children do not heed the warnings. This system is clearly explained to the children at the outset and adhered to consistently by all staff at our school.

Our Learning in Year 2

A summary of the curriculum covered in Year Two in Terms 1 and 2 is outlined below. Please see the ‘Curriculum Overview’ for the work Year 2 will be covering throughout this year.

Our assessments guide our planning for the class, some children may need further support with areas of the Year One curriculum before they can fully access the Year 2 curriculum, whereas other will need challenging and extending.



Spelling Punctuation and Grammar: We will follow a cursive handwriting style, using ‘Letter join’ we will revise the correct formation of each letter.  We will start to learn to spell the Year 2 ‘Common Exception Words’ and also revise the ‘Year 1 Common Exception Words.’ We will follow the ‘Sirlinkalot’ spelling programme, in class and for homework. Phonics work will be covered through the Letters and Sounds scheme and the ‘Monster Phonics’ programme. In Term One we will study alphabetical order, nouns adjectives, verbs and adverbs. In Term Two we will study statements, questions, commands, conjunctions, exclamations and the use of commas.


Texts: We will be following ‘Talk for writing’ and will be studying the texts Into the Forest by Anthony Brown, The Troll by Julia Donaldson, Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper, Beegu by Alexis Becon, Leaf by Sandra Dieckmann, ‘The polar Express’ by Chris Van Alsburg and many others.

Our writing will include recounts, story writing, labelling, commands, book reviews and poetry. We will perform poems and look at the poetry compilation by Michael Rosen, ‘Don’t Put Mustard in the Custard.’ We will encourage the children to write for a variety of purposes.


Reading:  The children will have free choice books in addition to their reading scheme books in Term Two, which will be appropriate to their reading level. The children will also read in groups, one two one and also in whole class guided reading lessons. Reading comprehensions and book reviews will be part of their reading experience.



We follow the ‘Whiterose’ Maths scheme. Mathematical learning involves mental maths, number work, topic work, problem solving and reasoning. In Term One the children will study ‘number,’ through place value, we will be working with numbers within 100, looking at tens and ones, comparing and ordering numbers and revise counting in twos, fives and tens. Our work on addition and subtraction will involve working with numbers within 100, this will include adding and subtracting tens and ones and adding three one digit numbers. In Term Two we will complete work on addition and subtraction and then study a ‘measurement’ topic on money. This will include counting money in notes and coins, finding the total and the difference and finding change.  In Term Two we will also return to ‘number’ by studying multiplication and division. We will make and add equal groups, use arrays and learn the two, five and ten times tables.




Our Science topic for Terms One and Two is ‘Animals Including Humans.’ The children will learn about how humans and other animals are born, grow and change and what we need to survive and be healthy. We will classify different kinds of animal babies, learn about basic needs that are shared by humans and animals and research the differing needs of animals within our care. Focusing on their own experiences, the children will explore the need for humans to eat a varied diet, keep themselves clean and take regular exercise. This will enable the children to make choices that contribute to a healthy lifestyle.


Art and Design:

In Term One we will be exploring design through making, using a variety of materials. The children will be making their own sketch books. In Term Two we will be exploring the colour wheel through collage and colour mixing. This will be an extension of the work they have covered on the colour wheel in Year One.



Our computing topic in Term One is ‘We are Astronauts’ and in Term Two our topic is ‘We are Games Testers.’ The children will be learning computer programming skills through these topics.


Design and Technology:

We will be studying ‘Food’ in Terms One and Two. Through this they will be encouraged to go through the process of designing, making and evaluating their product.



History will be taught in Term Two, Geography is taught in Term One. Our History topic is ‘Communication: Now and Then.’ We will explore how communication has changed over time to the present day, including early writing, the printing press, sending telegrams, the telephone and the world wide web.



Geography is taught in Term One, History is taught in Term Two. Our Geography topic is ‘Where Do I Live?’ We will study where we live from large scale to small scale : my world, the United Kingdom, my country, my town and my address.



We follow the ‘Charanga Musical School’ programme, this has been adapted to the covid-19 restrictions in school as we are unable to sing in class. In Term One we are following the unit ‘Hands, Feet, Heart. This is an integrated approach to music where games, the dimensions of music (pulse, rhythm, pitch etc), and playing percussion instruments are all linked, we will be listening to music from around the world. In Term Two the unit is ‘Ho, Ho, Ho.’ The children will listen and appraise different styles of music and continue to embed the interrelated dimensions of music through games and playing percussion instruments.



In Term One we are learning about gymnastics and Invasion game skills. In Term Two we are learning about football and Infant Agility. The children will be encouraged to develop their skills individually, with a partner, in a small and large group and as a class.



We follow the ‘SCARF’ scheme. In Term One our topic is ‘Me and My Relationships.’ This will include discussing our classroom rules, our feelings and how to be a good friend. In Term Two our topic is ‘Valuing Difference.’ We will look at what makes us who we are, people that are special to us and kindness towards others.



In Term One our topic is ‘Christian Rites of Passage.’ We will be looking at the meaning of a rite of passage and Christian rites of passage such as baptism, marriage and Holy Communion. In Term Two our Topic is ‘Christmas Celebrations.’ We will study the Nativity story to explain why Christmas is celebrated and how Christmas is celebrated around the world.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me

Thank you for your continued support. I look forward to working with you and your children this term.


Best Wishes from Year 2 Team

Mrs Saganowska - CLass Teacher

Ms Alfredson - TA

Mrs Weller - TA

Mrs Mills - TA


Year 2 Timetable Term 1 & 2