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This week I would like you to link your English work to our topic work about the honey bee. Using the research you have been carrying out over the past few weeks, please plan and write a non-chronological report about the honey bee.

You have created quiet a few of these during the year so this task will be revisiting your work. I have attached a suggested outline of what to focus on each day but of course you don't have to follow this - work at your own pace. Please do this work in your English book.


However, if you have not yet researched facts as part of your afternoon tasks, don't panic! You can either start this research now and use it next week to write the report, or you can continue with the Hamilton week 6 plans and / or Oak National Academy planning as your English task this week. 


Collins - I have now set three comprehensions that can be submitted to me when you have finished. 


Rising Stars - I have now added more books on to the Lime and Brown levels.