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Week Commencing 22nd June



For English, I have asked children to now either complete work from National Oaks or Talk for writing due to the feedback I am getting from the children about how they are enjoying the learning. You then have an option for both on and offline learning for what benefits your family.



  • Option 1: Using the online lessons from the National Oak, which you can follow from the link below. It gives you 5 different lessons for each writing style: Poetry, Story, Persuasive writing and reporting.  


  • Option 2: Talk for Writing. You are able to print out the document and all work is done on the sheet and stuck in their book or they can write it straight in and stick bits in that are needed. 

You have different talk for writing booklets below, you should follow on to the next one after you finish one.


  1. Mission Impossible Learning:
  2. The King of Fishes Learning:
  3. The impossibly Possible Learning:
  4. Alien Learning: