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We will be continuing with the short film to support our English again this week. Your child will also need to take reference from the resource pack sent to you and used last week.


Please remember to think about what I would expect from you in class, a few sentences is not enough. You need to think that your work could be up on the wall, what you think would impress me and other teachers around the school.


Follow the link to the clip:


Monday: SPaG: Grammar Lesson (Handwritten)


Grammar (SPaG)

The Grammar lessons will be set on natural curriculum, this is a fun resource that we have started to use in class. The children will watch a clip based on an animal and then asked to complete a task based on that clip.

Follow the link for lesson two: Orcas     (As you know, my favourite anima!)


The topic of the lesson is: Fronted Adverbials

The children from this will have access to some supporting activities and then a final sheet to finish.


All the work produced should be completed in the children’s English books and should be returned to school with the children when possible.


Tuesday: I am learning to use informal language. (Handwritten or typed)


All together we will begin by looking at Resource 8a. We will be looking at an example of a diary entry and trying to pick out all the features on the diary.


The children should then Rewatch the Tadeo Jones video if necessary. We are going to be focusing on informal chat today, it is like talking to an old friend, someone that knows you well and you can say anything to them.

Resource 8b is a bank of informal phrases that will help the children to start chatty sentences.


Children should be writing sentences today using the informal phrases at the start of the sentence linked to Tadeo Jones. Imagine you are Tadeo and you have been through the ride and now telling your friend all about it, what you might say to them. Some examples below:


You’ll never believe this but in the ride the mummies were chasing me down a dark, cold alley. It was quite scary but I was so brave!


I wonder if I will find any treasure I kept thinking to myself but then I did, it was great!


So what happened was, I found gold but the mummies wanted it, I was so afraid!


Wednesday: To plan a diary entry including correct features.  (Handwritten)

Rewatch the Tadeo Jones video. Children will need access to Resource 9a,b and some children c today.

Firstly, we will pick out the key features of a diary entry, so what we must include in our writing.

  • Chronological order
  • Fronted adverbials
  • Including thoughts and feelings about the day
  • Use of informal language


Today the children will be planning their diary entries in the role of Tadeo. They will become him and write about everything that happened that day. I will model on the zoom how they will need to lay it out and break down the 3 differentiated sheets.


Children should then independently plan their diary entry ready to write tomorrow. The more information they have on their plan, the better to support them.


Thursday: To be able to write a diary entry. (Handwritten)

Rewatch the Tadeo Jones video.


Today we will begin by looking at resource 9A. Make sure your child has their plan in front of them.


We will begin by reading the example diary entry and children may want to magpie any good things they hear.


We will then as a class plan out the order that the diary should be written in and begin my writing the opening together. Some children may want to use the example and others may not.


Children should independently write their diary entry and should be sent into me for feedback.


Friday: Reading Comprehension: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Handwritten)

Today you will be looking at Chapter 1 of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This is one of my all time, favourite books that I read when I was your age, so I hope you like it!


Below I have attached in a word document that has all the questions that I would like you to answer linked to chapter 1. All work should be completed in your English book.


I will read you Chapter 1 in the zoom call but you may want to read it again yourself or with a parent before you begin answering the questions.