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Monday: LO: I can gather ideas for my own poem

Today we will base our work around the video that we looked at last week - The Dreadful Menace.  Here is the link again:

You will need to have your English books accessible.


Tuesday: LO: I can create a poem  

We will now look at using the words and phrases we gathered yesterday to create our own poems.  You will need your copy of the Dreadful Menace poem nearby.  There is a copy below if it is needed.  THIS WORK TO BE SENT IN, IF POSSIBLE, TO BE ASSESSED, BUT WILL GO OVER TWO DAYS SO DOES NOT NEED TO BE SENT IN TODAY


Wednesday: LO: I can edit and present my work

Today we will complete and edit our poems and then concentrate on writing them out neatly - this will be a handwriting practice too.


Thursday: LO: I understand how to write expanded noun phrases

For our grammar work today we will use The Natural Curriculum.  You will work through screens 1, 2 and 3.  Completing the 'Whiteboard Challenges' on screen 3 in your books.  I will explain all work beforehand.

Friday: LO: I can infer from a poem

Today you will answer questions about a different poem, in order to practise your comprehension skills.  All work to be done in your book and you will need to see the poem and the questions.

We will also do our Book Club today, so please try and read chapter 1 of our book before this session.

Information for our book club

Our new book is called Archer's Goon by Diana Wynne Jones.  It is available online as a book to order, but also this version is free here:

It is also available on youtube in a series as it was made by the BBC a few years


Tuesday worksheets