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CURRENT WEEK (beg. 01/03/21)


Monday: LO: I can share an extract from a favourite book

Today we will begin to talk about World Book Week.  To begin the lesson, if you would like to do so, you can share an extract from one of your favourite books or one you are currently reading.  Please have this ready beforehand and choose an extract which you think is interesting/descriptive etc.

Then we will talk about how to make "A story in a box" - this will all be explained in the lesson!  I have also attached a Reading Stars sheet below which you can begin today - but again I will talk about it first.


Tuesday: LO: I can represent a book in a box

Today we will look at how far you have got with their boxes/bottles and discuss what else you could add.  We will also listen to some more extracts from books.  The work today will be to continue with your Story in a Box.  You can also continue/complete this work this afternoon.


Wednesday: LO: I can think carefully about an extract from a novel

We will look at a specific author today - Katherine Rundell.  As a class we will start reading an extract from her new book and talk about it together.  Then I would like you to read the rest of the extract independently - this is attached below.  Once you have read it all I would like you to write a paragraph in your English books about your feelings about the extract.  We will talk about some of the things to consider in our lesson.


Thursday: LO: I can create my own book

As it is officially World Book Day today, I would like you to bring a clue that represents your favourite book/character.  I will also introduce the Extreme Reading Challenge in this lesson too.  Your independent work is to have a go at creating your own book - following the worksheet below.  This book should centre around your favourite character from any book.  I will talk more about this in the lesson.


Today we will share our Story in a Box work, and look at how much of our Reading Stars we have managed to complete.  

I would also like to spend some of this lesson talking about our return to school and any questions that you have.

Your work for this lesson is to try to do at least one more activity from the Reading Stars sheet (see Monday).




Information for our book club

Hopefully you are now at about Chapter 6/7.  Please continue and we can discuss on Friday what has happened so far.


Our new book is called Archer's Goon by Diana Wynne Jones.  It is available online as a book to order, but also this version is free here:

It is also available on youtube in a series as it was made by the BBC a few years



Thursday: LO: I understand how to use a 'hook' and begin a story

Today we will look at how to use a 'hook' into a story and how to start our stories (always tricky!).  You will then begin your stories, at least writing your first paragraph and ensuring that it really hooks the reader.  You can write as much as you like of your story once your first paragraph is complete.

Friday: LO: I can write a short, scary story and edit

You will now complete your story and edit it, ensuring that it has the features of a scary story and really brings in the reader.  I would like you to really focus on descriptions and how you start sentences, as well as your own individual target.  I would like this work to be sent in if possible, so I can assess it please.