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For English, I would like you to read Chapter 1 of Goth girl and the Ghost mouse and complete the attached comprehension.  

Copies of the Chapter will be given out in class or please email me for a digital copy.


Chapter 1 comprehension 

Goth Girl and the Ghost Mouse 

  1. What did Ada’s parents do as jobs? 

  1. Why did Lord Goth find it hard to look at Ada?  

  1. Describe Lord Goth in 5 words. 

  1. What was Ada’s favourite thing to do?  

  1. What was Ghastly- Gorm Hall home to? 

  1. What do you think has happened to the mouse? 

  1. Why do you think the kitchen maid is called Mrs Beat’em? 

  1. Who do you think is setting traps? Why do you think they are setting them? 

  1. In 10 words, summarise Chapter 1