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Stocks GreenPrimary School


Please finish your story based on Fantastic Mr Fox. Remember you may need to edit parts that don't work so well. Be picky! Read your story out loud to one of your parents or even a sibling. You will hear if it doesn't make sense and also you can check that they understand what you have written.....just like you do with me in class.


Once you have finished week 3, please move on to week 4. There is more grammar work this week however the powerpoints have an audio instruction. Do use them, they are helpful. This is new grammar work so don't panic - make sure an adult can talk through the task before you set to work. 


The Collins Connect site has been having a few problems this week. We think it is due to the large numbers of children around the UK using the site. It seems to be easier to login in the afternoon, so if you want to have a change and complete a comprehension then perhaps try after lunch!