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Tuesday 23rd February

This term we will be Exploring Scandinavia . Today I would like to make Top Trumps cards for the countries that make up Scandinavia.

Use the websites to find the answers to the categories on the template below. Also include an outline of the countries image and/or the countries flag.

Monday 8th February


LO: How are Chile and the UK similar and different?

Following on from your work looking at South America and then honing in on the country of Chile and then the UK. Today you are going to compare the two countries using the video below to help you.


Watch the video below


Once you have watched the video you can use you previous two weeks work and the video and any other research you want to, to complete the worksheet or present the information in a way of your choosing

Monday 1st February


LO: What is the geography of England?


Last week we looked at The Geography of Chile, today we will look at the Geography of the UK-Specifically England. First of all lets watch these videos


Physical Geography UK


Have a look at this website


Then like last week, complete the activity below try and present it a different way from last week.

Then next week you will need last weeks and this weeks work to compare the two nations



Monday 25th January

LO: What is the geography of Chile?

Click on the link below

Watch this Video



Tuesday 19th January


LO: To find out about the human geography of South

Click on the video link below and go through the Lesson. When you have watched the video complete one of the tasks on the worksheet and have a go at the Kahoot quiz


What are some of South America’s most important human features?


Now complete one of the challenges below on the sheet and then try this quiz


South America Quiz #2

Tuesday 12th January


In Geography this term we will be learning about South America. 



To start go through the teaching slides and create a mind map and see if you can answer some of these questions that you come across on the teaching slides


What do you already know about South America? 
What is South America?

Where is South America?

How big is South America?

What languages are spoken in South America?

What countries are there in South America?

Which seas and oceans surround South America?


Once you have completed that can you name the Countries and Capital cities? using Lesson Worksheet 1.


TIP use the internet to help you !!!!


Once you have completed this can you create a poster fact file on one of the countries you have labelled.

This can be on the computer or hand made

I have uploaded 2 examples ( Romania & China) for you to base your own one one.

Lesson 1 Worksheet