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As we will now be completing our local history project in the Summer term, this term we will continue our learning on Prehistoric Britain. You will be learning about the changes that happened as humans developed and learned how to make metal. 


Tuesday 19th January

Please watch the next lesson on the Oak National Academy website:

Lesson 9: Who were the Celts, and why did they use iron?


Task 1: Looking at the timeline and dates from the different periods of pre-history.

            Write out the dates given on the video and label the period

Task 2: Write out the sentence given on the video and finish it:

             Although iron was weaker than bronze.....

Task 3: Which tribe would you have belonged to?

            I would have belonged to the _______________ tribe. 

Task 4: True / False activity

            Write out the sentence that is true - pause the video each time to make your

            choice and write out the sentence.


Please use A4 lined paper, put your name, date and write out the lesson title. Once you have completed the tasks put the work in your plastic folder.