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Homework tasks for The Victorians

1st piece due in Friday 9th October 2020

1. Make a list of 20 objects that we would use now that the Victorians used.

2. Draw or paint a picture of a scene from the Victorian times e.g. Queen Victoria on the throne, a matchbox girl out on the street, a poor family eating dinner.

3. Write a short newspaper article announcing Queen Victoria’s coronation.

4. Draw yourself as a Victorian – you can be any type of Victorian you like (royalty, poorhouse child, rich factory owner, maid).

5. Write a letter to Queen Victoria asking what it is like to be Queen.

6. Write an acrostic poem about the Victorians.

7. Create an outdoor game for Victorian children to play.

8. Make a 3D object from Victorian times.

9. Create a job advert for someone to work as a maid in a rich household.

10. Make and write a postcard sent from London in Victorian times.

11. Find out some foods the Victorians liked to eat and use these to design a menu for a Victorian café.

12. Imagine you are living in Victorian times. Write a paragraph describing three things you would like about living in that time and three things you don’t think you would like. Remember to say why.

13. If you were Queen Victoria what new laws would you make and why?

14. Compare a Victorian school day with one today.

15. Write a diary entry from a child who lives in the poorhouse. Talk about your day, what kind of things you do, and how you feel.

16. Design an outfit for a poor person to wear in Victorian times.

17. Design an outfit for a rich person to wear in Victorian times.

18. Write 10 facts about Queen Victoria.

19. Write a timetable of a normal school day for you, then write a timetable of a Victorian schoolchild’s day and find 3 ways they are different.

20. Draw/trace two different types of Victorian transport and compare.

21. Make up a Victorian Quiz and test your  family and friends

22. Research and create a fact file of a famous Victorian artist.

24. Create a family tree for Queen Victoria