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Thursday 25th February: LO: I understand ways in which water can be used for power

We will talk about the use of water for power, and how this happens. Then you will need to do your own research on dams.  I have sent an email with a powerpoint which gives you more information, and some worksheets.  The only sheets here that I want you to look at are the first sheet and the third sheet (5B).  Your task will be to find out about a dam of your choosing (you can choose one from the list on the first sheet) and then to do the Task card from 5B.  You can present this information as a poster if you like.  We will talk through this work beforehand so you are clear about what you are doing.




Thursday 4th February - LO: I can explore why we need water and how we use it

In this lesson we will talk about our water usage in our own homes and how it gets there.  We will hopefully have chance to talk about water conservation too.

For this lesson, you will need to have access to the three sheets I have sent on an email.  The first sheet (3A) is the main one I want you to fill in today, the second sheet (Water Usage Fact Sheet) will help you to fill it in and the third sheet (Water Usage Questionnaire) I would like you to fill in at the end.  I will go over all of this in our lesson first.