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Afternoon Tasks 



We are continuing to follow White Rose Maths.  

The class should watch the video linked to the lesson, please follow this link for the videos:  

Lesson sequence to follow: These sheets are attached in. 

  • Divide 2 digit by 1 digit (2)  (Monday)

    • Divide 3 digit by 1 digit (Tuesday)

  • Divide 4 digit by 1 digit (Wednesday)

  • Divide with remainders  (Thursday

Extension sheets can be found linked below as well.  



We are continuing to look at the Goth Girl and the ghost of a mouse book. We have now read up to Chapter 12. If you want to recap the book, please let me know. 

Lesson 1: Planning a script for touring Ghastly Gorm Hall.  


During this lesson, you should begin by picking two rooms from Ghastly Gorm Hall that you would like to take your tour group to. Then through using the book and the resources provided, you should mind map what you might see in these rooms. The more detail for the room you have, the more it will help you out. (See Resource Pack for supporting sheets) 


By the end of the lesson, you should have two detailed mind maps about the rooms you will visit on your tour. 

Lesson 2: Tour Guide Prompt needed (see resource pack) 


During this lesson, you should begin to write your own guideline for what the tour guide will say as they go around. A written introduction example has been produced for you if you need it. Really think about what the people will want to learn about as they walk around the rooms in Ghastly Gorm Hall. You should use the Tour guide prompt sheet to help you lay it out.  

Children should use adverbs of possibility to present speculation as fact, e.g. ‘Pirate ancestors of the Goth family probably hid priceless jewels under the Sensible Folly.’ or ‘Perhaps, Ghastly-Gorm Hall is the grandest building in the United Kingdom.’ 


By the end of the lesson, you should have begun writing the information needed. 

Lesson 3 (continue Lesson 2, if not written the whole thing) 


During this lesson, you will be creating a new villainous character who might visit Ghastly Gorm hall. You should then sketch this character out and annotate the sketch with the name, physical descriptions, and character traits. Make some notes of why they might visit? What plans do they have? 


By the end of the lesson, you should have a new character drawing and notations. 


Lesson 4: 


During this lesson, you will be writing a character description for the character your created yesterday. Think about how we wrote them in school and how we laid out the information. Remember to read back over your work after each paragraph and edit if needed.  


By the end of the lesson, you should have a written character description to go alongside your drawing.  



Afternoon Tasks, Aims to answer: 

  • To compare the difference in water availability and usage in the UK and Kenya. (Geography) 
  • To explore how water can be used for power to contribute to a sustainable future. (Geography) 
  • To explore shading when completing observational drawings. (Art) 
  • To produce a collage of images and phrases, to demonstrate your goals for the future. (PSHE)