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Home Learning- Self Isolation Work

Work for week beginning 9th November


For Maths you have the worksheets for the week plus an extension challenge

Below are the videos if you need them. All the answer sheets are on Microsoft Teams.








There are two Pobble365 activities to complete in your English Books. These are also on Microsoft Teams.



If you log into Microsoft teams there is a Victorian Workhouse activity to complete.


Grammar lesson

Please research and explain the different types of nouns and what verbs are. Write-up your explanation with examples and then create some quiz questions on what you have learnt. Useful websites:


Reading lesson:

Listen to chapter 6 of Pig Heart Boy: and try to answer the questions below. If you can, also try and discuss your views and thoughts about this chapter with someone at home.


Who picks up the family from the train station?
Why do you think Mum is being so difficult and sullen?
What is perfusion?
Why is it important that the family shower and put on a gown before seeing the pigs?
Why do you think Mum hasn’t told Dad she’s pregnant?
What might Cameron be thinking and feeling when he finds out Mum is pregnant?
Do you believe that animals have rights too? Discuss your opinions with a partner.
Read to the bottom of page 60. What finally convinces Cameron to go ahead with the



This week, we are having some fun learning a dance for Children in Need with the help of Strictly Come Dancing contestants and dancers. Have a go at learning the dance in the video below:


Mrs Newton J

& Mr E