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Homework 10th June 2022

Homework                                     10th June 2022

Welcome back to Term 6! It is unbelievable that we have only 6 more weeks together. We will ensure everyone enjoys this term!

In Maths – we started learning about position and direction. Over the next week we will be practising and describing movements and turns. Then we will move to learning the ‘Time’ again.

In English – this week the children wrote recounts of their half term. We were writing in chronological order, focusing on past tense and using time connectives in our sentences.

Spellings – This term we are going to rehearse all spelling rules taught in Year 2. The children will have various words for them to practise and they will have to apply the rules in these spellings. Please see below the spelling rules we rehearsed this week:

dge (making the sound j) – at the end of the words. Straight after the short vowels: badge, edge, bridge

g (j) – at the beginning and in the middle of a word, before vowels e, i, y: magic, giraffe, cage, gym

c (s) – when it comes before i, e or y: dance, pencil, icy.

Words to practise:

dance           bridge          imagine         city              pencil 

icy               strange         ice-cream     edge             energy

Challenge words: imagination, medicine, bicycle

In DT- this week we started thinking about types of vehicles. This term we will be designing and building vehicles predominantly using wood.

In PEwe have practised athletics that involved running and throwing.

Please remember about our Sport Day on Wednesday 15th June. In w/c 13th June, we would like the children to wear PE kits on Monday and Wednesday (Sport Day) instead of Thursday.

Don’t forget about the following events:

15th June – Sport Day

30th June 2022 – Year 2 School Trip – further information about the trip will be sent to you soonJ

7th July 2022 – Moving up morning & Open afternoon - You are invited to come and see your children’s work and their new classroom.

Homework: Complete the Diagnostic Questions quizzes.

Thank you: Mrs Saganowska-Kearney plus the Y2 teamJ