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Homework 13th May 2022

Homework                                     13th May 2022


What fantastic work the children produced in our DT week (Design and Technology – not Detention week as they call itJ)! We were investigating a range of puppets and their features. We learnt to stitch, using running stitch and over stitch. We even practised sewing a button onto fabric using cross stitch. We used our skills when making finger puppets and glove puppets. You will be able to see our creations on the School Open Day in July.

In Maths – we learnt to tell the time this week. The children rehearsed o’clock and half past, then we learnt how to read a quarter to and a quarter past. Telling time to 5 minutes was more challenging for everyone though. We will practise telling time in a few weeks again.

In Geography, everyone created a sketch of our school grounds and marked different areas of interest (a pond, woodland, path, road, hill etc.) using different map symbols.

We are starting to rehearse all our spellings, learnt in Year 2. This week your child will have to practise following common exception words:

away     play    way    gave

place    take     great    narrator

may    say    again    baby

Challenge words: before, because, special

Forest school: next Friday on 20th May 22 Frank will participate in forest activities.

Geography Homework: This week, we would like the children to make a map of their chosen area. This could be a road they always take to school or the area they visit over the weekend. Use the examples given of symbols (keys) on your map. Bring the map to school no later than 27th May 2022 (last day of the term). Have fun!

Maths homework: Practise to tell the time – quarter to and quarter past. Challenge yourself with telling the time to 5 minutesJ.

Thank you     Mrs Saganowska-Kearney plus Y2 teamJ 

Map symbols