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Homework 17th June 2022

Homework                                          17th June 2022

Thank you to all the parents who came to watch the children on Sports Day. What a great competition it was! We were very proud of Year 2 as their team spirit was amazing and was behaviour brilliant too. Well done Year 2!

In Maths –this week we challenged ourselves with solving problems related to turns and directions. Next week we will practise ‘Time’ again.

In English – the children wrote brilliant character descriptions and poems too. They learnt how to use descriptive language in their writing.

Spellings – We are continuing to rehearse spelling rules taught in Year 2. Please see below the spelling rules:

kn (making the sound n) – mostly at the beginning of a word and before a vowel: knock, knew, knight.

gn (n) – sometimes at the beginning, middle or end of the word., before a vowel: gnats, sign, gnome.

wr (r) – always at the beginning of a word, before a vowel: write, wrote, wreck.

Spellings to practise:

know                knew                design             gnome             knickers

write               wrote              signing             knees              writing

Challenge words: unknown, wrestling, wreckage

In History we learnt about a famous nurse – Florence Nightingale.

Forest school: King will be going to Forest school next Friday.

Don’t forget about the following events:

30th June 2022 – Year 2 School Trip – Please return signed slips to the office asap.

7th July 2022 – Moving up morning & Open afternoon - You are invited to come and see your children’s work and their new classroom.

PE – next week our PE session will be on Wednesday 22nd June. Please ensure your child comes to school in PE kit.


  1. Diagnostic quizzes.
  2. Practise telling the time to 5 minutes. – sheets provided

Thank you: Mrs Saganowska-Kearney plus the Y2 teamJ