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Homework 1st Oct 2021

   Homework                 1ST October 2021

This week we have been very busy learning about verbs, nouns and adjectives in English.

In Geography, we talked about our local area – where we live and looked at some fantastic pictures of us in our favourite places. Thank you to everyone who sent the photographs and drawings. The children were very excited to see each other on the interactive board and they talked about the places they live with great enthusiasm.


This week we looked at the c grapheme, which makes a ‘s’ sound and is spelt as ‘c’ elsewhere in words before e, i, and y. Please encourage your child to practise the following words ahead of our spelling test on Friday:                  

nice                      cell

 ice                       place

city                      once

race                     excited

fancy                    noticed


Continue with reading and please leave a note in the Reading Record commenting on your child’s reading.

Maths homework

There are additional Maths Quizzes assigned on Diagnostic Questions summarising our learning about Place value (numbers to 100).

English Homework

In your Homework book – write 5 interesting sentences with a verb, a noun and an adjective. Refer to our class pages for a reminder on what is a verb, noun and adjective. Use our spelling words from above in your sentences! Remember - use your best handwriting!


Ahead of the National Poetry Day on 7th October - THURSDAY, the children can choose their favourite poem and bring it to school so they can read or recite it to the class.

Thank you      Mrs Saganowska-Kearney plus Y2 teamJ