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Homework 24th Sept 2021

               Homework 24th Sept 2021

Another week of amazing learning - Well done Year 2!

This week we had Lifecentre workshops (known as the Lifebus) where we learnt about how to keep our bodies healthy. We also talked about the feelings and emotions we might experience in various situations and how to deal with them. Well done to all the children who met Harold – the Giraffe and helped him to solve the problem at his party! You have become great detectives of feelings!

In Geography, we talked about the UK and we looked at the similarities and differences between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Thank you everyone for sharing your educational treasures/souvenirs!


This week we looked at the g grapheme, which makes a ‘j’ sound and is spelt as g elsewhere in words before e, i and y. Please encourage your child to practise the following words ahead of our spelling test on Friday:              

                  magic                          age

giant                           gem

giraffe                         village

huge                           charge

change                        ginger          


Continue with reading and please leave a note in the Reading Record commenting on your child’s reading.

Maths homework

There are additional Maths Quizzes assigned on Diagnostic Questions.

Geography Homework

In preparation to our lesson geography ‘Where do I live?’ I would like the children to take pictures of the town (or draw a place) where they live (it could be their favourite place) park, church, playground etc. Send the pictures to or bring it with you. If you have any old pictures of the place where you live (Hilldenborough) we will be happy to see them too.

Thank you     Mrs Saganowska-Kearney plus Y2 teamJ