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Homework 6th May 2022

Homework                                     6th May 2022


Well done to all the children for persevering and trying hard this week in our Quizzes! You were Super Stars!

In Maths – we were busy measuring things inside and outside the classroom. We learnt how to use metre rules and measured various objects in centimetres and metres.

In Geography, we learnt about the aerial view of landmarks and we created our own drawings of an aerial view of our classroom.

In English and Spellings, we finished writing our stories and we also learnt about suffixes starting with consonants – ment, less, ly, ful, ness.

In PE we continued learning about striking and fielding.


Remember just to add the suffix to the words, except when words finish with ‘y’, then we change the ‘y’ for ‘i’ – happy – happiness

playful          helpless        helpful          sadly

careful         badly            enjoyment    

sadness        hopeful         agreement

Challenge words: fearless, disappointment

Forest school: next Friday on 13th May 22 King will participate in forest activities.


In preparation for the Jubilee Week, we would like the children to research ‘Royal collectibles’ – and make a souvenir that could be a gift for a royal family fan. This could be a cup, a plate or a hat with an amazing portray of the Queen or interesting Royal symbols. Be creative!

Bring your amazing creations to school on 23rd May 2022.


Complete the diagnostic quizzes online.

Thank you     Mrs Saganowska-Kearney plus Y2 teamJ