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Homework 7th Jan 2022

Homework                                            7th January 2022

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas break. We would like to wish you all a Happy New Year! It was so lovely to welcome the children back at school this week and hear all about their holidays.

This week in Maths we continued to learn about money. We practised adding and comparing amounts of money. Net week we will move towards finding difference, finding change and finally we will work on solving word problems involving notes and coins and real live scenarios.

In Art the children took part in Drawing activities that will help them to develop drawing skills, creative thinking and explore portraiture. We had fun drawing cartoon characters using pencils and exploring drawing continuous lines using pastels.

PE - Please remember that our PE day this term is on Wednesdays. The children must be in PE kits on this day.

Running club – if your child attends the KS1 Running club, please ensure they wear appropriate clothing as it is cold in the mornings. Warm jumpers, long truck bottoms and gloves are essential.

Forest School – we will be starting Forest School next week. Each Friday one House will spend the first part of the morning in the Forest where they will take part in cross curriculum activities.

Phonics/Spellings – This week we were learning about the long ‘I’ sound spelt ‘y’ at the end of words. This is by far the most common spelling for this sound at the end of words. Please practise these spellings ahead of the next week spelling check:

sky               try               flying           tries

fly               by                replied          Challenge words:

cry               reply            cries            multiply, applied


Continue with reading and please leave a note in the Reading Record commenting on your child’s reading. Over the next two weeks we will carry on reading assessments.

Maths homework

There will be quizzes assigned on Diagnostic questions for this week.


Thank you     Mrs Saganowska-Kearney plus Y2 teamJ