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The Maths is up and ready to go -Summer Term – Week 6 (w/c 1st June)

The link above only has the video tutorials, the worksheets are below


I have also uploaded some maths investigations, as I know we have done the White Rose before. There is also a murder mystery for you to try, plus the holiday planning if you didn't get to try it before half term.


Remember all the online extras you can do if you want...There are new things to do on

Sumdog and Diagnostic questions.

Maths investigations

Extra Challenge

If you are finding the White Rose a bit easy and would like a challenge why not try these problems.


There is a problem to plan a family holiday for 2021 to Australia, you have been given a budget so plan accordingly.


The next document have some Topical Maths Problems Summer Term, choose a few to solve, the answers are at the back of the document, so no peeking!!

Topical Maths Problems Summer Term