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We will be using White Rose Learning for Maths again. You will need to go onto the White Rose Home Learning page to find the videos for each lesson. We have attached the link to this below: 


We will then provide all the worksheets and answers for you below.



You should stick all sheets and/or complete any working in your Maths book. Please write the date at the start of each lesson.


There is an extra challenge as well to stick in your books for those that want to challenge themselves

Videos-click on the date to access that days video

Monday Video 25th January

Tuesday Video 26th January

Wednesday Video 27th January

Thursday Video 28th January

Friday Video 29th January


Daily Worksheets and Answers:

Option Worksheets

Below are some options of different activities/worksheets if you are finding the ones above a bit tricky or hard to understand. Some of you may want to start with the options below and then move onto the worksheets above.

Extension Activities/challenges