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CURRENT WEEK (beg.01/3/21)


Monday:  LO: I can add and subtract fractions

Continuing our fraction work we now revisit how to add and subtract fractions.  There are two sheets for this.  I would like everyone to do Sheet 1, then only move onto Sheet 2 (choosing the level as usual) if time.  

The video for this is here:


Tuesday: LO: I  can add fractions within 1

This gets a little trickier, so we are all going to do only Sheet 1 today to ensure understanding.

The video is here, if needed:


Wednesday: LO: I  can practise adding fractions within 1

Further practice on how to add fractions today.  There are two sheets - one for fluency and one for reasoning.  I would like you to try and do one part of each sheet (choosing your own level as usual) - we will talk through this beforehand.


Thursday: LO: I can add 3 or more fractions

Moving onto adding more than 2 fractions now. I would like everyone to do Sheet 1 and then only move onto Sheet 2 if time.

The video for this is here:


Friday: LO: I can practise adding 3 or more fractions

We will continue working on this, and then the work you do will either be Sheet 2 from yesterday if you didn't start/complete that yesterday, or the reasoning sheet for today.  Please do not do the reasoning sheet until you have done Sheet 2 from yesterday.  I will talk through what you are doing beforehand so you are clear.







Websites for extension/challenge/revision





Thursday: LO: I can compare and order fractions greater than 1

I have changed today's plans as I feel we need to go over this more in class, so the objective stays the same but the work is different.  Sorry about the change.

You all need to start on Sheet 1, but can start on whichever page you feel you are able to do and then move on.  Then move onto Sheet 2. 


Friday: LO: I can compare and order fractions greater than 1

Today we will continue with our work from yesterday, so the same sheets from yesterday, followed by website work on fractions.  Sorry about the change again!