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Monday:  LO: I can revise dividing and multiplying

There are 3 tasks this morning but only one sheet to do.  The other activities are online.

1.  Please do the new test I have put on Diagnostic Questions - email me if you have forgotten your log in.  The website again is: login

2.  Practise your DIVISION time tables by using Hit the Button or this

Please select the division option and whichever time table you need to work on - if you know them all please choose all time tables!

3.  Choose EITHER the harder or the easier sheet from below on word problems using multiplication.  Please answer these in your book, with workings out.  I can mark these if you would like, though it is not necessary to send them in if you can mark them yourselves.  We will go over a few in our next lesson.


Tuesday: LO: I can divide two digits by 1 digit

We are now moving onto division, and a bit like last week, I will need to assess understanding as we go along.  

Everyone please start on Sheet 1, if/when it gets too tricky do second page of Sheet 2.  If you complete Sheet 1 then move onto whichever you think is appropriate from Sheet 2.  I will explain all this in our lesson.

Here is a video for extra help if needed:


Wednesday: LO: I can divide two digits by 1 digit 

An extra revision day on division. Again, Sheet 1 first but only moving onto the extension if your understanding is sound.

Here is a video for extra help if needed:


Thursday: LO: I can divide 3 digits by 1 digit


Friday: LO: I can divide 4 digits by 1 digit