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Monday 11th May

Good Afternoon Everyone

We have been busy this morning at school beginning to make plans and this afternoon Mrs Tracey has been delivering the Home School Learning Bags. This week we will collect them on Friday so you have all week to enjoy them.

I hope you enjoy your learning this week, which has a Spidery theme. Some of you really enjoyed the Talk for Writing Plans last week, so I have posted another Plan on the English section of our class page. It is actually intended for Year One but it links to our theme and can be adapted for YR. So please choose whichever plans you and your children prefer.

Did you see our new video? Yes, Mrs Tracey and I are both bonkers!

Stay safe.

Love from Mrs Tracey and Mrs Hodgson xxx

Tuesday 12th May

Happy Tuesday Morning

We have really enjoyed seeing some of the spider's webs that you made yesterday. Today you will be telling number stories using a spider's web. 

Any photos that you send me will be put onto the website but I am also collating them and then uploading them onto the children's individual online learning journals. I can then print these and put them into the children's Learning Journal files in class.

Enjoy the sunshine! I am just about to put our guinea pigs out into the garden to exercise and munch on the grass.

Stay safe.

Love from Mrs Tracey and Mrs Hodgson xxx

Wednesday 13th May

Good Morning Year R

Today is National Numeracy Day! So I have attached a number challenge below, that you may enjoy playing at home. Remember that there are numbers all around us, when I go for my exercise today I am going to read all the numbers that I see.

Stay safe everyone.

Love from Mrs Tracey and Mrs Hodgson xxx 

Thursday 14th May

Good Evening

We have been busy again in school today and then I came home to do home schooling with my own children!

We have been working on the government guidance and planning for school possibly reopening on 1st June. As you can imagine, this is not easy but please be reassured that the schools plans will be communicated to you all on Monday, as we are still waiting for guidance from Kent and further guidance from the DfE.

Stay safe.

Love from Mrs Tracey and Mrs Hodgson xxx

Friday 15th May

Happy Friday Everyone

I have been in school this morning and had hoped to post plans for next week by the end of the day but I'm afraid that is not going to be possible. After a bit of a stressful week, I am going to sit in my garden with a long glass of something cold!

Enjoy the weekend and the plans will go up tomorrow.

Love from Mrs Tracey and Mrs Hodgson xxx