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Monday 20th April

Good Afternoon All

Well what a busy morning I have had! I am in school and been busy meeting with the other teachers and setting your home learning for this week. In future I plan to put the plans onto the website on a Friday to allow you time to read and plan for the week ahead, as requested by some parents.

Please use these plans as and when suits your child and your family situation. There is too much work for a week so don't try to cover everything. Priorities should be Phonics, Maths and Reading. Today I have assigned some new books to the class on the Rising Stars website. Please read the Pink books throughout the week and there are also 2 Red books for more of a challenge. I have tried to incorporate a range of activities to cover all children, so please choose the activities that your child is interested in.

Today lots of new national resources have started and I will put links to these on our class page.

I am also in the process of sorting out our class page to make it easier to navigate.

Finally, please do keep sending me photos to show all your friends what you are doing at home. We love seeing all your smiling faces.

Stay safe.

Love from Mrs Tracey and Mrs Hodgson xxx

Tuesday 21st April

Good Morning

Thank you so much for all the photos and emails sharing your wonderful home learning. Have a look and see what your friends are doing by clicking on the rainbows below.

I have compiled a simple timetable that some of you may fine useful to help structure your day. The timings given are not fixed and you may find your child whizzes through some activities but then chooses to spend longer extending other activities. During the rest breaks allow your child time and space to do whatever they want to do.

I have also put links to the new online resources that the Department for Education have endorsed, that were released yesterday.

The Oak National Academy have online lessons that seem quite fun, so you may want to try these.

The BBC Bitesize lessons are aimed at Year One but you could have a look at these and there are some fun games that you could play, particularly the Phonics game.

I have also put a link to Phonics Play, which is a really good resource that we use in school and is currently free to access.

The whole school have also subscribed to Sumdog, which is an app that has maths games and challenges. Further details of this will be emailed to you later.

Stay safe.

Love from Mrs Tracey and Mrs Hodgson xxx

Wednesday 22nd April

Happy Wednesday Morning All

Well I have a very busy day ahead of me! I am working hard to try to continue to sort out our class web page and am working with Mrs Tracey to organise a few exciting surprises, more details to follow...

If we were at school we would have started our morning with Singing Assembly, Ms Wiltshire is missing you all but she has let me know that 'Singup' one of the resources we use at school has allowed free access for parents, see the link below.

Anyway, I must get back to work.

Enjoy today's activities and make sure you get outside in the sunshine.

Stay safe.

Love from Mrs Tracey and Mrs Hodgson xxx

Thursday 23rd April

Good Morning

I am up early this morning as I am excited as I am going into school to meet Mrs Tracey. I worked hard on the website yesterday so I hope you now find it easier to navigate. I am also really missing my class as I now know that I definitely do not want to be a secondary school teacher. I would much rather have my lovely YR class than home school 3 teenagers! 

I have put a link below to Axel Scheffler's website. Apart from illustrating a lot of Julia Donaldson's books, he has written an interesting book all about the coronavirus. It could be a good way to talk to your children about the current situation.

Anyway, I hope you have a lovely day and keep working hard.

Stay safe.

Love from Mrs Tracey and Mrs Hodgson xxx

Friday 24th April

Happy Friday Everyone

Our first week of the new Summer term is nearly done. I have loved seeing all your photos of your home learning and have planned some new fun activities for next week. I have tried to link the Maths and English plans this week and we will be having a Pirate themed week.

Enjoy your weekend and stay safe.

love from Mrs Tracey and Mrs Hodgson xxx