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Monday 27th April

Good Afternoon Everyone

Mrs Tracey and I are missing our class and school life so much that we decided to find a way to hopefully bring a small part of school to you at home and to make everyone smile. So we have put together 15 Home School Learning Bags which we will begin distributing today. These bags contain resources and activities that we use in class.

Mrs Tracey and I have made the Homes School Learning Bags at school in our clean classroom. We wore gloves and have wiped everything inside with anti-bacterial wipes. We will then deliver them to you wearing gloves and leave them on your doorstep. We ask that you leave in the sunshine for a few hours and then your child can open them.

Inside there should be resources, adult information or instructions and a letter to your child. Some bags contain activities that we will collate to produce class books. Your child could also pop a letter or picture for us in the bag.

Our aim is to rotate these bags around the class each week. We will collect the bags from you on Thursday afternoon. We ask if you can wipe everything down with anti-bacterial wipes before putting into the bags and then leave them on your doorstep from 3pm on Thursday. We will then restock the bags on Monday and clean the resources again, before distributing them again. If you would rather not participate, just let me know via email.

We hope that this will continue to build our class relationships and strengthen the Home/School link. Also it keeps Mrs Tracey and I busy and feeling like we still have a class!

Have fun and stay safe.

Love from Mrs Tracey and Mrs Hodgson xxx

Tuesday 28th April

Good Morning All

I think today may be a day for indoor learning! At least our gardens will get some much needed water, the potato plants we planted are getting much bigger now.

I hope that the children in the first half of the register, with surnames up to Hall, received their Home School Learning Bags which we delivered yesterday.

I have been made aware that there are some technical issues with the Rising Stars website to access the pictures in 'The Pirate Quest'. I have reassigned the book and will try to solve the problem so keep trying.  

Keep working hard and stay safe.

love from Mrs Tracey and Mrs Hodgson xxx

Wednesday 29th April

Hello Everyone

We hope the sun is shining at your house this morning, I think I may go out for a bike ride this morning. What will you do?

I hope you are enjoying our Pirate theme this week, check out the photos of your friends to see their learning. I have contacted Rising Stars to try to resolve the issues with 'The Pirate Quest' but am awaiting a response.

Last year we hatched some chicks in class, you may remember coming to visit the chicks when you were in Preschool. Well this year Ms Alfredson has hatched some chicks at home. Look at the Class One page to see some amazing videos of the chicks hatching.

Have fun learning today and stay safe.

Love from Mrs Tracey and Mrs Hodgson xxx

Thursday 30th April

Good Thursday Morning

We are in school this morning and have already been busy doing some Maths and playing at building towers. Later on we are going to get out the large hall apparatus and build a continuous circuit. I hope you are working hard and manage to get outside in between the rain showers.

Mrs Tracey and I will be collecting Home School Learning Bags this afternoon so please leave them outside your house in a visible spot after 3pm. 

Stay safe.

Love from Mrs Tracey and Mrs Hodgson xxx

Friday 1st May

Happy Mayday Everyone

As we come to the end of another week I am busy planning our learning for next week. I try to incorporate a mixture of learning activities, some very familiar routines that the children know but also a few new and different ideas. As always, it is up to each individual family how they use the plans and approach the activities. 

I don't know about all of you but I have found this week of Lockdown the hardest yet and my own children have been struggling with home schooling and in particular we are all missing social interactions. Unfortunately, at this time we need to make sure that we are looking after each other and that we are being kind to ourselves. You are all doing a great job at home and working together to help your own children and the wider class community. Lets all keep going and enjoy the weekend.

Stay safe.

Love from Mrs Tracey and Mrs Hodgson xxx