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Monday 30th March

Good Morning All

We hope you all had a good weekend. Mrs Tracey has been busy spotting all your lovely rainbows as she has walked around Hildenborough and it really cheered her up.


I have assigned 3 new books for you on the Rising Stars website, so please have a look and read them at home. There is also an interactive quiz that you can do and I can log on and monitor your reading. Well done to all those who have completed them. I have heard that some people are having trouble logging on to the website or can't access the quizzes. The Centre number is 410745. I think that the website is just so busy and struggling to cope with the demands of all the home learners! Just keep trying.


This Week's Phonics - /th/ diagraph

Watch Mr Thorne /th/ on youtube and Geraldine the giraffe on youtube. Help your child to say the sound and model how to make the sound using your tongue under your top teeth. Can they hear the difference between /th/ and /f/ and /v/? Play games to help children hear the sound. Write the phonemes on cards and put in front of bowls. You say a word ' flower' and the children have to throw a teabag into the correct bowl /f/. Then you throw a teabag and the children have to think of a word beginning with the phoneme.

Practise writing the diagraph in cursive formation. Can you write it in the air? On the carpet? On someones back? Tummy? Can you paint it? Paint with water on a wall? Or a path?

Watch Alphablocks on youtube.

Make some flashcards with the following words on - thin, thick, thumb. thing, three, this, that, and think.

Can children put the sound buttons under the words? Can they read them? Can they spell and write each word?


Today's Learning Challenge

Can you choose a favourite animal? Draw a picture of it in your writing book. Can you find 3 amazing facts about your animal? Then write one of your facts below your picture.

I will look forward to seeing your fabulous drawings and reading your facts.


Stay safe.

Mrs Tracey and Mrs Hodgson xxx

Tuesday 31st March

Happy Tuesday Morning!


I have found an excellent new resource to share with you and this will be updated daily with lots of fun practical ideas that you can complete at home. It provides a whole day of activities and can be watched throughout the day to help with routine or dipped into as or when you like. Have a look and see what you think.


Today's Learning Challenge

My favourite poet Michael Rosen, that I have introduced the class to, is currently poorly in hospital with Covid-19. So today I challenge you to watch him read our favourite poem 'Chocolate Cake' on Youtube but you are not allowed to laugh or smile.

I bet you can't do it!

Wednesday 1st April

Good morning everyone and welcome to the last day of term.

Thank you all so much for your lovely emails and for keeping up your learning at home. I don't expect you to keep working over the Easter holidays but I will continue to share some ideas to help you fill your days. If anyone finds a good resource or web page, please email me and I will add it to the list. I will also continue to check emails and to post your photos online.


SS has been enjoying building some Lego models and you could try for Lego Challenges.


JB has recommended the daily science challenges on Maddie Moates Youtube channel.


Did anyone do Joe Wick's workout today? It contained some workout ideas from one of our amazing Y6 children!! Well done to EH and I bet your YR Buddy RM was very proud.


Today's Learning Challenge

We would have been having some special Easter celebrations at school today but instead please will you have a celebration at home. Put on your favourite song and turn it up loud! Can you teach your adult a groovy dance move? And then can they teach you an old school move? 


Happy Easter to you all. 

Stay safe.

Love from Mrs Tracey and Mrs Hodgson xxx