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Wednesday 20th January:

You can continue or do again any of the activities from last week, or you can choose your own activity (something which gets you moving).  Alternatively you can use the booklet below as a way to record and challenge yourself.  This is quite long so will be used over a few lessons.

Here are also some links to some good, short yoga videos.  I will be trying these out too!





I would like the children to practise their speed and agility skills.  Most of the activities here can be done inside without too much space required.

Go to this website:

Don't do all the lessons - follow the plan I have put here:

a)  Begin Lesson 1 (coordination, agility, accuracy).  You need to do the first two activities.  These involve recording, and trying to beat, the bounces and rallies.  Perhaps you could draw a table to record these, and each time try to get better.

b) Then move onto Lesson 9 (agility) and do activities 1, 2 and 3.  The second one may require you to go outside.

c) Then move onto Lesson 12 (agility and throws) and do activities 1, 2 and 3.  The second two are very useful tasks if done correctly!