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Phonics Plan

W/B – 8th  June 2020


Focus – Letters and Sounds Phase 3                  Phoneme /ear/



Introduce new trigraph /ear/ that is usually found at the end of words or in the middle of some words.

Watch Mr Thorne video and Geraldine the Giraffe video.

Make a set of Pudsey Ears to remember our trigraph /ear/.



Watch Alphablocks about the /ear/ phoneme.

Complete the /ear/ Spelling Activity sheet.



Read the /ear/ Phoneme Spotter Story. Can the children hear the words containing the /ear/ phoneme?

Use the /ear/ Minibeast Scene Activity Sheet and children work with a partner. Children use magnifying glass to find words and then write on white boards.



Revise the phonemes /ur/ and /or/ by using the sorting cards.

Set up a relay race where children have to sort picture cards and word cards.



Phonics Scavenger Hunt

Hide the /ear/ word cards around the house or garden. Children have to find words and read them as quickly as they can.

Extension – Put the sound buttons under each word.