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Sports Day

Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve School Trip

Our Class Trip

Music Week

This week we have been incredibly lucky to have so many visitors come to visit us in school. We have enjoyed visits from a piano, brass and guitar teachers. We listened to various pieces of music and created posters for the "Carnival of the Animals" describing the animals in the song. We have learnt the words to the song, "Take you home" and composed actions. In DT, we linked our lesson to music and created our own musical instruments. What a fab week of learning!

Science Week 

Forensic Science Workshop

Today we attended a forensic Science workshop. We learnt that your body can leave DNA in a crime scene. DNA can be found from our hair, snot, saliva, sick etc. We were put into groups to examine the DNA on the tables to help us find out which criminal broke into a safe. We used their footprints, fingerprints and DNA to work out who it was. We discovered that it was Mindy Morris!

Christmas Crafts

Enchanted Winter Forest