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SCARF at Home: Keeping Myself Safe

Begin with a discussion of why sleep is important.  Here are some ideas to get you talking. Sleep helps our body to:

  • Grow
  • Feel awake and able to concentrate
  • Recover after a busy day
  • Repair - our body repairs things when we're asleep
  • Remember - sleep boosts our memory


Sort out problems or worries - our brain keeps working when we're asleep and can help is to work out the answer to problems that might be bothering us!

To help us get enough sleep it helps everyone (and that includes adults!) if they have a good bedtime routine.


Find out how much sleep young people need, from the NHS Live Well website, here.

Next, talk about bedtime routines - things we do before going to bed (e.g. stop looking at screens - TV, tablet, phone etc.) put nightwear on, brush teeth, wash hands and face or have a bath, bedtime story, cuddle teddy bear or blanket etc.

Look at the Make a Bedtime Star activity, below. Follow the instructions to help your child make a bedtime star which they can look at as part of their bedtime routine.

If you don't have a printer, draw the triangles on some blank paper or card (e.g. an old cereal packet) instead.

Activity - Make a bedtime star or a dram catcher