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Welcome to our Reception Class page.

This Week's Newsletter

Monday 2nd December 2019

School Dinner Menu W/C - 02/12








Veg Curry

Tomato Pasta

Jacket Potato

Chicken Pizza

Veg Biryani

Pepper Pasta

Jacket Potato

Roast Chicken

Quorn Pie

Broccoli Pasta

Jacket Potato

Beef Pie

Pea Risotto

Quorn Pasta

Jacket Potato

Fish Fingers

Cheese Quiche

Pesto Pasta

Jacket Potato


Phonics  This week we will be learning the letter ‘g’ making the phoneme (sound) /g/ and the letter ‘k’ making the phoneme /k/. We will explore listening to the initial phonemes in words and recognise the letters ‘g’ and ‘k’. We will also begin to practice writing the letters in the correct cursive formation. All our learning will be reinforced through play and games. Please reinforce our learning at home using the booklets sent home on Wednesday and Friday, if your child is interested, or by highlighting the phoneme in everyday situations.


Phonics Work - Sound Pots  This week as we are covering 2 phonemes I shall split the class into two groups. Children with a first name beginning from a – j will find items beginning with the phoneme /k/.  Children with a first name beginning from k –z will find items beginning with the phoneme /g/. We will be sharing our Sound Pots on Friday 6th December.


Mathematics  This week we will be focusing on the number 10 this week in our learning. We will be practising writing the numeral 10, counting groups of 10 and ordering numerals 0 to 10.


Library Book  Please remember to send in Library books on THURSDAY.


Forest School  Tuesday 3rd December - NIGHTINGALE  Thursday 5th December FRANK


Christmas Play Rehearsals will be every day from now on as the performances get near. All costumes to be sent into school by Monday 9th December.


Christmas Present Fair  The PTA will be holding the Present Fair in school on Wednesday 4th December. Each class gets the opportunity to go to the Present Fair and purchase surprise gifts for up to two special adults in their family. Each gift is priced at £2.50 and siblings go shopping together to avoid duplicate gifts! If you would like your child to purchase any gifts, please send them into school with money in a named envelope on Wednesday morning.


Christmas Fair  Looking forward to our School Christmas Fair on Saturday 7th December.


Thank you for your continued support.


How to help your child in Phonics and Reading