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Tuesday 19th January: LO: I can investigate friction

This topic will go over two lessons, so you can choose when you do which parts, though they should be done in order.  I will talk to you about friction beforehand, and remind you how to set out an experiment.

1.  Use the following BBC videos/clips/quizzes (in order) to understand what friction is.

2.  On paper, use one page to explain friction in any way you would like to.  I would like to see your understanding of friction as a force and examples of friction in real life.  You can draw/print out/write etc.

3.  Now I would like you to do an experiment.  You only need rice, a pencil and a bottle - however, don't worry if you can't do the experiment; you can still watch the video and see what happens.

For the experiment follow what happens here:

4.  On another piece of paper, I would like you to write this up as an experiment as we have done previously, under the following headings:




Conclusion (why did the end result happen?)


Please also draw a scientific diagram of what you found out. 




Wednesday 13th January: LO: I can explain what gravity is

To continue our work on Gravity, I would like you to do the following:

1. Go to this BBC site.  Read and then watch the video

2.  Do the quiz at the bottom of the screen on the website above

3. On paper, please explain in words and a diagram what gravity is.  I would like you to show an example of gravity in real life in your diagram.  Please put the LO (above) and date on the paper and put in your file ready to come back to school.