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Thursday 1st October

Due in: Thursday 8th October

Make your own ‘blood’!

This is how our blood is made up:


44% is red blood cells

55% is plasma

0.5% is white blood cells

0.5% is platelets


Using the facts above, can you create your own models of blood, carefully trying to get the correct proportions? You could use sweets or you may have other ideas of how you can form a model of blood. Below, is an example of how you could make the blood with extra facts too! Please record your work in some way to bring in. You could take pictures accompanied with an explanation about what you did or simply write/draw what you did.


* If it’s not possible for you to actually create a model of blood, you can always draw a model instead. *


1.) Red blood cells (red-coloured sweets): 44% of blood volume. Carry oxygen and carbon dioxide around body. Only live for about 3 months, but are continuously produced in the bone marrow.

2. Plasma (syrup): 55% of blood volume. Syrups, thick, clear, yellowish liquid that carries dissolved food and wastes.

3. White blood cells (white jelly beans or marshmallows): 0.5% of blood volume. Bigger than red blood cells, oddly shaped cells that "eat" bits of old blood cells and attack germs.

4. Platelets (smarties): 0.5% -bits of cells and cytoplasm that help clot your blood.