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Science Week


Science Week



Year 3 really enjoyed many activities during Science week.


We studied Inge Lehmann. She was a seismologist who discovered that the core of the Earth is solid. Before her discovery in 1936, people thought that the core of the Earth was liquid! We designed fact pages about her life and work.


In the forensic Science workshop, we learnt about footprints, fingerprints and DNA. We worked in four groups to solve a crime. Every group used the evidence provided to successfully solve the crime! Excellent team work Year Three!


We made a bubble mixture using water, washing up liquid and glycerine. We then designed and made brilliant bubble wands. We enjoyed testing the wands out, then we evaluated our designs.


Finally we made shadow templates to carry out a shadow investigation. We investigated ways we could alter the size, shape and tone of our shadows. We discovered that when the template was placed near the ground, the shadow was large, dark and clear. When the template was further away, the shadow was smaller, lighter and more blurred.


Here our some photographs of our activities:

Our Forensic Science Workshop

Our Brilliant Bubble Wands

Testing out our bubble wands

Our Shadow Investigation