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Sir Linkalot Spellings

Every day please practise up to four words on Sir Linkalot (Online Spelling Programme) - Bundle 1 only.

This week practise the words: air, busy, door and floor.


Sir Linkalot is available on PC and also via an app which is suitable for both android and apple platforms. 

Sir Linkalot app teaches the KS1 and KS2 key words as well as technical requirements such as vocabulary, homophones, punctuation, grammar, rules and patterns.

The children can use the app at home and they should start on the first “bundle” of words and progress through them according to their ability.

Practise writing out the spellings 5 times without looking? How many times did you spell the word correctly?

Sir Linkalot is fun and creative programme and hopefully the children will enjoy watching the short clips.

Once you have downloaded the app, please click on the log in button in the top right corner and input the login details. I will resent the login to you via text.

It will take some time to familiarising the children with the app over the next week. Please do not rush through the bundles. your child should only move to the next bundle if he/she can memorise spellings majority of the words from the bundle.

Have fun!