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Spelling and Handwriting

Spelling and Handwriting 

Sir Linkalot



Please continue working on Patient Potter. 

Every Monday afternoon, you will have time to focus on your spelling.  I may also ask you to send in your recent spelling results on occasions so please keep a record of your scores in the back of your English book with the date completed. 

For Example: Wednesday 6th Jan: 14 out of 20 (Patient Potter).


During these Monday Afternoon slots, you can either practise on the Sir Linkalot app or write sentences using the words in your pack like we would in school. 


If you have finished all the links on Patient Potter and score 20/20 on three tests at different times, please continue on to Weird Wormsworth. 

Please do keep going over past packs spellings to check you still remember!



Keeping up your handwriting practise is still very important, below you can find two documents that I think will be beneficial to support this:


One is a handwriting pack like we would use in school and the other is handwriting broken down with some fun mindfulness colouring imbedded into it.