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Stocks GreenPrimary School

Terms 1 & 2

Curriculum Information Year R Terms 1 and 2


In term 1 our theme will be ‘All About Me’


In term 2 our theme will be 'Percy the Park Keeper stories' followed by 'Christmas'


Areas of Learning:


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

As the children start school we will take the opportunity to introduce them to one another and the wider school community to help them settle in. Children will be encouraged to talk about their new friendships and to devise 'class rules' to keep  the class ' happy and safe'. We will play 'circle games' to help the children talk about their feelings and to develop relationship skills.  


Communication and Language

The children will have lots of speaking and listening opportunities and will be encouraged to share their ideas in small and large groups. Language skills will be modelled by adults and the children's vocabulary will be expanded.


Physical Development

Through child-initiated and teacher-led activities, the children will have opportunities to develop their fine and gross motor skills.  There will be regular use of the forest area, the climbing equipment and the large wheeled vehicles. We will begin 'Dough Disco' a fun session using music and play dough to develop their gross and fine motor skills. We will also introduce ‘Write Dance’, a programme designed to help children develop their motor skills; practising movements to music that provide a strong foundation for writing.



When settled in class the children will learn 2 or 3 letter sounds a week. They will be helped to 'sound talk' words to segment them for spelling and to blend sounds together to read simple words. We will go on a 'listening walk' to listen to sounds around the school and play games that will help hone their listening skills. We will encourage mark-making with a variety of media. 



In terms 1 and 2 we will play games that encourage an understanding of number value and order. We will talk about simple shapes and create repeating patterns. We will use money in our roleplay area to buy food from the menu. During child-initiated activities, children will have many opportunities to reinforce and apply their mathematical knowledge.


Understanding the World

In term 1 we will think about the amazing things our bodies can do. We will think about growing and changing, similarities and differences. In term 2 we will respond to and explore the outside environment and the changing weather conditions.


Expressive Art and Design

Using the resources available in the creative and construction areas, in the outside classroom and in the woodland, the children will be encouraged to express their ideas using a variety of media. In addition we will learn songs related to our themes and find different ways of expressing ourselves through music and movement. This will also be encouraged in our preparations for our Christmas Play.