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Terms 3 & 4

Spring Term Curriculum - Year 1


A brief description of the Y1 curriculum for Terms 3 and 4 follows. However, please note that assessment and the interests of the children guides planning and teaching for the class, so planning can be changed and some pupils may require further support, whereas others will need extending and challenging.


English - Our English focus for Terms 3 and 4 will be stories based on unfamiliar settings and our English core text will be linked to out theme ‘Explorers’. We will also be looking at some poetry. Pupils will continue to develop and deepen their phonic knowledge. There will be a strong focus on looking at split digraphs. This links with our grammar work which focuses on sentence building strategies and looking at nouns, adjectives and exploring different tenses. Pupils will have the opportunity to work in role-play situations and take part in various drama activities.


Maths - The children will start the term by learning about 3D shapes. We will be also looking at addition and subtraction within 20, developing the children’s knowledge of number and place value to 50. This will include learning the multiples of 2, 5 and 10. In the topic of measurement we will be learning about length, height, weight and volume.


PE - Our PE sessions will be on Wednesday morning and Fridays - tbc. Please ensure children have a named PE kit every day at school.


Science -The Science module for the term is learning about ‘Everyday Materials’. This is alongside the module ‘Seasonal Change’ which is being covered throughout the year. These will both be taught with an emphasis on practical investigation and exploration.


Art and Design/ Design and Technology- Our art work will be the topic ‘Paper Art’ and we will be exploring different uses of paper and making collages, papier-mâché and sculptures. We will link or DT work with our Topic work, therefore the children will have the opportunity to make moons, rockets and boats.

Topic - Our History based topic for this term is ‘Explorers’. The children will be researching and learning about the lives of influential and significant people. For this we will be looking at the lives of Christopher Columbus, Neil Armstrong, Tim Peake and Amelia Earthart.


Thank you all very much for your support so far, we are thoroughly enjoying teaching your children and look forward to another successful term.


Mrs Saganowska-Kearney, Ms Alfredson and Mrs Mills