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Terms 3 & 4

Class 3 Curriculum Newsletter

Term 3 and 4 2018-2019


The children worked extremely hard during terms 1 and 2 and have now settled into life in Year 3. During terms 3 and 4 Mrs Weller and I will continue to support them in developing their independent learning skills and understanding the learning styles that best fit them. This newsletter summarises the main curriculum points we will be covering and I look forward to continuing their learning journey with them!




Using a range of key fiction and non-fiction texts connected to our topic, the children will focus on letter writing, adventure stories, explanation texts and poetry.


The children will continue their work on multiplication and division and will then focus on measurement: money, length and perimeter; statistics and number fractions.


In term 3, through a variety of practical investigations, the children will focus on forces and magnets: comparing how things move on different surfaces; observing how magnets attract or repel; comparing and grouping everyday materials and exploring the poles. In term 4 the children will focus on animals and humans: the skeleton; muscles and nutrition.


Topic (Geography)

The overall title for our topic will be Extreme Earth. The children will explore key aspects of physical geography by focusing on volcanoes; earthquakes and mountains. They will develop their locational knowledge by identifying continents, countries and major cities as well as identifying the position of latitude, longitude and the equator. In human geography the children will focus on types of settlement and land use.

Art & Design

The key topic will be Famous Buildings: the children will explore architecture through iconic buildings around the world such as the Sydney Opera House and the Taj Mahal.


In term 4 the children will link to their learning in Science on nutrition by designing dishes that contribute to a healthy and a varied diet.





The children will continue their learning by exploring: colours; items of clothing; body parts; age and birthdays; likes and dislikes, and classroom objects.


This term the children will learn about programming an animation using Scratch, finding and correcting bugs in programs. In term 4 they will explore computer networks including the internet.


For terms 1-4 our music teaching will be based on learning to play the recorder and read notation with me on a Friday afternoon. Singing and composition will be also be included on an ad/hoc basis.


Term 3: Gymnastics

Term 4: OAA (Outdoor and Adventurous Activities)


Term 3: Friendships, relationships and money

Term 4: Helping each other stay safe


The focus for both terms will be Christianity: What do we know about Jesus?