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Terms 3 and 4

Year 2 Curriculum Newsletter

Term 3 and 4 – 2022  



Spellings: On daily basis we will continue to learn spelling of the Year 2 ‘Common Exception Words’ and also the ‘High Frequency words’. We will follow the ‘Sir Linkalot’ spelling programme and the ‘Monster Phonics’ programme in our spelling and phonics approach.


Writing: We will be studying various fiction and non-fiction texts in Term 3 and 4.  Our writing will include persuasive writing, writing in role (diary entry), non-chronological report and we will be making posters. We will encourage the children to write for a variety of purposes.


Reading:  In reading we will continue with a focus on developing comprehension skills through whole class Guided Reading activities. The children will also read in groups, one two one and also in whole class guided reading lessons. Reading comprehensions and book reviews will be part of their reading experience. Children are expected to read independently at home all the time.



In Maths we will continue to develop children’s understanding of addition and subtraction and multiplication and division. We will be working on fractions, including recognising and identifying fractions of shapes and numbers. We will also be looking at statistics, properties of shape and comparing and ordering a range of standard measures, length and height.



Our new topic is ‘Living things and their habitats’ where we will be focusing on the characteristics of living things. In March we will be taking part in celebrating the British Science Week and the topic for the whole week will be ‘Growth’ linked with multiple areas across science.



In term 3 our Geography theme is ‘Let’s go to the Arctic’. We will be learning about Arctic’s location, and climate. We will explore the animals living in the Arctic and we will also learn about towns and cities in the Arctic Circle. We will enrich our learning by making cross – curriculum links with other subjects such as English for example where we will write a non-fiction about Arctic animals; or DT – recreating houses from the Great Fire of London.



In term 4 in History we will be learning about ‘The Great Fire of London. We will explore the key events and find out about Samuel Pepys and his infamous diary. The children will have the opportunity to increase their awareness of the past by comparing and contrasting past and present-day in London, as well as looking at how life was different in the 17th century. We will enrich our learning by taking part in ‘The Great Fire of London’ workshop.


Design and Technology:

In Term 3 we will be exploring textiles and investigating using templates and joining techniques. We will design and make a simple puppet. We will also revisit skills in food technology.

In term 4 we will be making Tudor-style building from Pudding Lane.


Physical Education:

PE will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We are working on Gymnastic and our focus will be on gymnastics routines. At the end of the term 3 we will be demonstrate our routines and take part in a whole school Gymnastics competition. Please ensure your child has the correct PE kit in school and long hair must be tied back and earrings covered or removed. 



We will be covering the units ‘We are researchers’ and will be learning how to use ICT to research our topics in Science and History. In our next unit ‘We are detectives’ we will be using ICT to collect clues and support our learning.



We will be learning about ‘What Jesus taught us’ and ‘Leaders and Teachers’.



We will be exploring pitch, pulse and rhythm in whole class lessons using instruments. We will also explore different ways to move to music through dance.



We will be developing our observation and drawing skills by drawing Cartoon characters. We will combine observational drawing skills with creative thinking and challenge the children to work on different scales through ‘making money’ activity. In term 4 we will develop design & painting skills in a coherent 2d becomes 3d projects linked to our science learning.



We are continuing to follow the SCARF programme of study for PHSE. In Term 3 and 4 we will be looking at ‘Keeping myself safe’ and ‘growing and changing’ themes. On daily basis we will be emphasising discussions about acts of kindness.