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Stocks GreenPrimary School

Terms 3&4



Our overall topic for the spring term is Ancient Egypt.

English – Variety of Texts: narrative writing, poetry, recounts, persuasion texts, instructions

Maths – number: Multiplication and Division, measurement, fractions and decimals.

Art- Textiles and Drawing French – Families and months of the year

ICT- ‘We are HTML editors’

Music – exploring descriptive sounds and exploring arrangements

PE-Dance and Swimming (Term 4)

DT: Mechanical Systems - Pop-up books PSHE- ‘Health and Well being’

RE – ‘Buddhist Festivals and Why is Easter important to Christians

Science- Sound

Times tables is still very important for the children to be practising on a weekly basis.


Dates and events

Proposed trips and visitors in school this term include;

 Swimming Term 4



I recognise that homework can sometimes be a source of stress and conflict which I would like to mitigate.

I want your child to take more responsibility for their learning and become more independent. I have told the children that they are to try their best to complete the task in the time (usually 30 minutes) and if they cannot, to write me a short note as to what the difficulty was. I am delighted if parents help and support home work, but if they can’t do it please let me know so I can assist them.

Homework will be set and given out on a Tuesday and should be returned the following Monday. Spelling homework and lists are given out on Monday in preparation for a test on Friday. Homework will largely consist of Maths tasks including times tables, along with topic work projects and research linked to our current topics in class. Team points will be awarded. Please encourage your child to complete homework on time and if you help him or her, indicate this on their work.

Homework instructions will be sent home on paper and children will be expected to complete their homework, on paper or the sheets/templates provided, and return this to school ready to be used either in their books or for display. The same presentational and layout expectations apply for homework as in class. The total amount of time to be spent on all homework, across the week is 1 hour and 30 minutes (this does not include reading).

Please read with your child on a regular basis. Your child should take responsibility for his or her own reading record (which should go to and from school each day); filling in their own comments (at least 2 comments a week) and it is to be handed in with their homework.

Rewards and sanctions

Good work and behaviour will result in team points, class treats and weekly certificates in celebration assembly. I believe in having a positive approach with the children and will praise them regularly and wherever I can.

Warnings will be given to the children before a sanction follows. This may take the form of missing a playtime or using their time to complete unfinished work. All of the class have contributed to a set of classroom rules and expectations and are aware of the sanctions procedure in the case of unacceptable behaviour.

Keeping in contact

I will always be very happy to meet and discuss any questions or concerns you may have about any aspect of your child’s time at school. However, as I’m sure you appreciate drop off in the morning can be rather busy so it is usually best

to make an appointment to meet after school when we can talk undisturbed. I will generally be available after school on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, please contact the school office to request a meeting. Obviously if there is something I need to know urgently about your child please do let me know first thing or send the information on a note in with your child.

Thank you for you continued support.

Miss Smith