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Terms 5 & 6

Year One Curriculum Information

Summer Term 2019


The children have been working extremely hard this year and I am very confident that this will continue as we progress through to the end of term.


PE Kits- The children will need to have their PE kits in on Wednesdays for term 6. Please ensure that the children have a PE kit in school which is labelled. They will also need a sun hat and full water bottle in school. Before school, please apply sun cream or provide the chidlren a small roll-on cream for them to apply themselves at lunchtime, if necessary.

Phonics Screening- As you probably know, Phonics Screening has been cancelled this year. However, we will carry on formative and summative assessment in order to have a clear picture where the children are with their learning.

Class Trip- We will be having a class trip to Hastings on Thursday, 1st July 2019, providing there will be no changes in government guidance due to Covid. This trip links very nicely to our ‘Seaside’ topic.  A letter and more information will be sent home nearer the time.

Our learning in Year One

Summer Term

A brief description of the Y1 curriculum for Terms 5 and 6 follows. However, please note that assessment guides planning and teaching for the class, so some pupils may require further support, whereas others will need extending and challenging.

English- Our English focus for Terms 5 and 6 will ‘Story Writing’. We will be storymapping, sequencing events and retelling in role. We will be looking at the main features needed to write a well-planned, detailed story. Furthermore, we will be looking at various poems and we will even attempt writing our own poem. Our non-fiction work will focus on writing posters, letters and newspaper article.

Pupils will continue to follow the ‘Letters and Sounds’ program and widening their phonic knowledge. We will be revising sounds already learnt and deepening our understanding of the alternative sounds. A new grammar focus this term will be on looking at adjectives, verbs, nouns, adverbs, prefixes and suffixes. This will link nicely to our writing, where we will work on applying this new knowledge to make our writing much more detailed and exciting!

Maths- At the beginning of the term our learning will learning the basic skills of Multiplication and Division, reinforcing multiples of 2, 5 and 10. The children will be developing new skills and be solving simple multiplication and division problems. We will continue to develop our problem solving and reasoning skills, in order to apply our learning to a range of different situations. This term we will also be learning about fractions and how to find ‘quarters’ and half’ of an object, shape or quantity. We will also be working on our measurement of money and time and explore position, directions and time.

Science-The Science module for the term is learning about ‘Plants’. This is alongside the module ‘Seasonal Change’ which is being covered throughout the year. These will both be taught with an emphasis on practical investigation and exploration. We will be growing a variety of plants and looking after them in the school garden. We will celebrate a science week at the beginning of Term 6 where the children will have opportunities to conduct scientific investigations.

History/Geography- For terms 5 and 6 our topic is ‘Sensational Seaside’. The children will be researching and learning about UK seaside towns in the past and comparing them to now. For this we will also be taking a class trip to Hastings. We will be also learning about cities in UK and abroad.

Religious Education- In RE we will be studying Hinduism and Judaism.

Art and Design/ Design and Technology- In Art will explore painting with water paints. In DT we will focus on structures.

Music/ PHSE- We will continue to follow the ‘SCARF programme for PSHE, where we will look at ‘us’, ‘relationships’ and ‘changes’. In Music we will learn to play ocarinas.

Thank you all very much again for your support this year. I am looking forward to another very successful term!

With thanks

Mrs Saganowska-Kearney