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Terms 5 & 6

Year 2 Curriculum Newsletter Term 5 and 6  2019

 Mrs Adams

Dates and events:

The class trip to Horton Kirby will take place on Wednesday 12th July. We are very much looking forward to this already!


Physical Education:

The PE sessions in Term 5 and 6 will focus on agility and athletics which will take place on a Tuesday and Thursday.



In reading we will continue with developing inferential comprehension skills as well as looking at the different features of fiction and non –fiction texts. They will be encouraged to include more detail in their writing such as using interesting vocabulary and a range of conjunctions. We will reinforce the grammar and spelling patterns already covered. Some children will start to use paragraphs and explore the feeling and motives of the characters in their stories.



In Mental Mathematics we will be developing our use of addition, subtraction and multiplication facts to 100 and reinforcing their recall of multiplication facts. We will continue with extending our knowledge of numbers to 1000 and the use of place value. Children will be practising problem solving skills and applying a range of mental and written methods, with a focus on more complex two step problems.

We will reinforce 2d and 3d shapes and their properties and telling the time. We will start to look at directions, using left and right as well as clockwise and anticlockwise turns.



In Science we will be looking at the use of Materials. There will be a trip to Horton Kirby to explore different habitats such as ponds and rivers in Term 6.



We will be covering the units ‘We are photographers’ and will be learning how to take and then edit photographs. We will be looking at, evaluating and creating our own digital art. We will also be using the Roamer to work on directional skills in maths. We will also continue to use the iPads in cross curricular work.



The focus this term is on the life of ‘Florence Nightingale’ and ‘Mary Seacole’. We will be discussing what challenges they faced and why they acted as they did.



We will continue to look at Christianity this term and we will also be having a brief introduction to Sikhism by looking at ‘What do Sikhs believe?’



We will continue with observational drawing in our Sketchbooks and also develop our use of watercolours. We will be exploring digital art in ICT. In DT the children will be exploring wheels and axles and making their own wheeled vehicles.



For those parents who are interested in their child having private music lessons in school once they start in Year 3, we will be sending letters home about this later on in the term.



These assessments will take place during Term 5. We would kindly request that, with the exception of illness, parents avoid making arrangements for their child to miss any part of the school day during this time.


Snacks and lunches

Please ensure your child always has a filled water bottle in school and that all snacks brought in must be fruit. As we look to warmer days, please also ensure your child has a sun hat to wear outside and that your child has adequate sun protection.


Thank you again for your continued support.

Mrs Adams smiley