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Terms 5 & 6

Year Five Curriculum Newsletter

Summer Term 2018 – 2019


Thank you for your support and positive comments this term.



There are no major changes to the curriculum we discussed last time we met and the full document is on our website.


In summary:

Our overall Topic for Terms 5 and 6 is The Earth and The Vikings.


English – Our focus book will be ‘Rooftoppers’. In addition we will be writing reports,   diaries, autobiographies and poetry.


Maths – Our focus will be on angles, shape and space, measures and timetables.


Art – Art projects associated with the Vikings.


French – Shops and cafes.


Geography – Map work related to reading maps, looking at different parts of the world and geographical features.


History- The Vikings.


ICT- Coding, using Scratch, research and awareness, e-safety, presentation skills.


Music – Exploring rhythm through singing.


PE- Fielding skills and orienteering.


PSHE- Our local community and politics


RE – Hinduism


Science- Living Things



I want your child to take more responsibility for their learning and become more independent. I have told the children that they are to try their best to complete the task in the time (usually 30 minutes) and if they cannot, to write me a short note as to what the difficulty was. I am delighted if parents help and support homework, but if they can’t (or won’t!) do it please let me know so I can assist them.

Your child has a homework diary in which to record their homework themselves, this is part of preparing the children for Year 6 and for secondary transfer and procedures. Homework may be given more frequently than outlined below, although the time allocation will be the same as previously. I may still provide additional written instructions with further details and guidance as children will have a limited space in which to record information. 


The current plan for homework is detailed below:

Monday –  Reading

Tuesday – Reading

Wednesday – Reading

Thursday – Maths for the following Thursday

Friday – Spellings for test following Wednesday, GPS for the following Friday


The same presentational and layout expectations apply for homework as in class:

•           Maths work – in pencil

•           Other work – in handwriting/fountain pen, not biro please

•           All work to be dated, titled and underlined.

•           Loose sheets such as printouts and worksheets will be added to their exercise books or folders.

I will be keeping a record of the children’s reliability and effort in these homework tasks.



Time to discuss any issues

Please see me if you have any queries regarding your child. I will try to be available after school most days.  I would also encourage the children, as a reflection of their age, to come and speak to me themselves. This might be to relieve a worry before going home, or after having discussed it with their parents. I think it is important for the children to start to think for themselves and work out how to solve problems independently if they can. Obviously, any larger issues should be dealt with me directly.


Warm weather:

Suncream and a hat please!


PE kit

Please ensure that your child’s PE kit is in school every day.  If your child is unable to do PE, please supply a written note as to the reason why. Earrings are to be removed for PE/earrings not worn on PE days if easier!



Thank you for all your support.


Clair Thornton