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Terms 5 and 6 Curriculum Newsletter

Class 3 Curriculum Newsletter

Term 5 and 6    2021-2022




Please see the curriculum overview for 2021-2022 for information about each subject area.



In terms 5 and 6, English and Maths will continue to consist of whole class teaching, followed by independent or group tasks with children generally grouped with those of a similar ability. I will work with different groups in maths, guided reading and writing throughout the week. Mrs Hollander will also be in class every morning and Mrs Goodwin will be in class on Wednesday Thursday and Friday afternoons, both to support learning. Miss Roebuck will be in class on Friday afternoons.


To help develop communication skills, we will continue with our talk partners over terms 5 and 6. This is to give children the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas before speaking in front of the class.



Homework will continue to be set every Friday and it will include a due date. Homework will consist of a variety of project-based tasks in a range of subjects. Spelling, times tables and reading tasks will be set on a weekly basis. All other work will cover a range of subjects relevant to the learning in class and will either be online or as written work. Please can homework be completed in pencil, so it is in line with our class work. Completed homework will be put in the children’s books or displayed, so the children see a clear link between their class and home learning.


Spellings: We will continue to work on essential spellings and spelling rules from the National Curriculum. When supporting your child at home please continue to discuss meanings of words with them and help them use the words in sentences if you would like to give them a challenge. Spellings will be differentiated according to each child’s needs and ability. Please can your child use their ‘Common Exception’ word mats when writing at home, to reinforce their spelling knowledge.


Times Tables: In terms 5 and 6 the children will continue to work on the 3x, 4x and 8x tables and revise the 2x, 5x and 10x tables they covered in Year 2. Resources to help your child learn these will be included in the weekly homework.


Reading: We continue to encourage the children to read at home every day. Please would your child bring his/her reading book and reading record book to school every day for our class daily reading sessions. It will also help us to regularly support and monitor your child’s progress.



PE kit should be worn on the day PE is scheduled (Term 5 Monday), please include kit suitable for outdoor PE (e.g. tracksuit and trainers). No jewellery is allowed during PE; please make sure that it is kept at home. Children with long hair should have it tied back at all times. If your child cannot participate in PE for any reason please send a written note on the day.


Feedback following work completed

Each lesson has a learning objective and clear expectations of what we wish the children to achieve. With written tasks, areas of success will be commented on in green pen, areas for development and key questions to consider will be written in red pen (in accordance with our school’s marking and feedback policy). The children will also be assessing their efforts through evaluating their own and others work, giving the children the opportunity to reflect on what they have completed and give positive feedback. Children will be also be awarded house points for their homework.


Learning and behaviour expectations

Your child’s learning in terms 5 and 6 will continue to focus on resilience and independence. The children will be supported with taking more responsibility for their own learning, understanding how they learn best and how they can help themselves when they come up against challenges. Developing this independence can also be helped by the children taking more responsibility for their own personal items. The children are expected to observe and follow the school and class rules.


Rewards and sanctions

Good work and behaviour will result in team points, dojo points and weekly certificates in our celebration assembly. Achievements outside school are encouraged to be shared in our school celebration assembly every Friday. We encourage a positive approach to help develop each’s child’s self- esteem.

Warnings will be given to the children before a sanction in order to give them the opportunity to make the positive choice. Sanctions may take the form of missing a playtime or using their time to complete unfinished work. All of the class have contributed to a set of classroom rules and are aware of the sanctions procedure in the case of unacceptable behaviour.



Please would parents provide a healthy snack for morning break, e.g. a piece of fruit or vegetables, should your child like one.


Show and Tell

We will continue with “Show and Tell” several times over each week, your child will be encouraged to take part as part of their speaking and listening development. Each child will have roughly five minutes to talk to the class, followed by a short Q&A session. Show and tell sessions will take part on a weekly basis by house. This rota will be displayed on our class page on the school website.


Keeping in contact: I will always be very happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about any aspect of your child’s time at school.  Please speak to me, use the class 3 email address or your use child’s daily contact book.


I look forward to working with you and your children in terms 5 and 6.


Best Wishes from 

Miss Dargie