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To make you laugh!

Funny Jokes to make you laugh!

By the Wonderful Year Four!



1. What do you call Santa Clause in a space ship?

Answer:             A - U - F - HO - HO - HO


2. What do you get when you cross a teacher and a Vampire?

Answer:        Daily Blood Tests


3. Pupil: Would you punish me for something I have not done?

Teacher: Of course not

Pupil: Good, because I have not done my homework!


4. Why did the cow cross the road?

Answer:     To get to the udder side.


5. I told you to draw a picture of a cow eating grass said the teacher. Where’s the grass? The cow ate it And where’s the cow? It left because there wasn’t any grass.


6.Why did the picture go to jail?

Answer: Because it had been framed!!!


7. Why did the elephants get thrown out the swimming pool?
Answer: because they couldn’t hold there trunks up.

8. What was the time when then elephant sat on the fence?
Answer: time to fix the fence.


9, Why did the gum cross the road?
A: because it was stuck to the chicken's foot 🐓🍬 _________🏡